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Default Re: Just moved to Oregon and trying to figure out zones

I agree with Beefcake re: the paper copy of the regs. Good idea to read thru the general regs and the zone regs for any area you might fish, which you're already done. Then find the website and bookmark the pages you will need to check frequently. I very rarely fish the Columbia zone and always with someone that knows the regs for there, but have learned the Willamette regs for the lower river and know the ocean regs fairly well. The regs can be confusing at first and seem overwhelming, but after some time reading and rereading them, they won't seem quite so bad. I think the regs for the CR are probably the ones that change most frequently, so you're having to learn the regs for what I consider the most difficult zone as a first intro to the regs.

Contact either OSP or an ODFW office or call the ODFW hdqtrs in Salem. Ask them, it'll remind them that the regs aren't that easy to understand for someone that just moved to OR.
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