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Modest Man is exactly right about the Dudiak Hole. My friends and I had a couple of beers at the world famous Salty Dog and drove by the Dudiak Hole. We saw 25-30 people there trying to snag a coho. Thats not fishing, snagging yes. We drove to the end of the spit and there was a older guy sitting on a bucket, casting out into the water there. We talked to him and he said he is retired living in Homer. He comes down to the end of the spit a couple of times a week to catch fresh Halibut, Lingcod, sea bass. About that time, he gets a bite, lands a 8 pound halibut. He said most of the halibut there are this size. Great, I would take that anytime. He said they are usually there most of the time. Now, thats fishing...........
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