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Default Re: New Kicker for the Ol NR any thoughts ??

Alright.... I'll bite. I've got an '03 9.9 4 stroke Bigfoot Merc, and it's not whisper quiet... but it starts on the second pull (except on the last trip, when it started on the first pull and I don't know what that's about), and it trolls down as slow as I want to go, on my 19' boat. Mine is an extra long shaft, a must in my view, and without electric start, or trim. Bare bones, and works great for me....

One of my best buddies has the T-8 on his 19' Duck (with trim and electric start), and loves it. I don't think you can go too wrong with any New kicker, whether it be Yami, or Honda, or Merc...

Best of luck with your choice... Tim
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