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Default Re: Official "Steelhead Challenge" Smack-A-Thon

'Bout time someone resurrected this string. I was getting disappointed.

(You know it's tough to type while looking through beer goggles)

Just did a little logistics work with Born to Fish this evening, and it is looking good for Team Moose Drool. All I have to say is watch out! The Clearwater has finally come up (18") and a ton of fish are making their way out of the 4 lower Snake Reservoirs. By the time Team Moose Drool hits the river...it's gonna be a steelie fest!

Denali is out gathering fresh intel. I'd tell you what he has discovered, but then I'd have to kill ya'.

Well, sharpen them hooks and chill the Moose Drool! Fella's we got us a contest! :grin:
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