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Default Re: 2019 ODFW Controlled Hunt Draw Seed Numbers

The process itself: Here is a step-by-step process of how the random computerized controlled hunt draw works:
  • Each application purchased is assigned a random 10-digit number.
  • Members of the public are invited to ODFW headquarters to randomly choose a 10-digit draw seed number for each hunt series. (Call 503-947-6108 to participate in the drawing.)
  • Applicants for each hunt are grouped by preference points and first choice hunt selected.
  • Tags are awarded in each preference point group beginning with the applicant whose 10-digit number matches, or is closest to and above, the seed number. The selection continues with the applicant having the next higher 10-digit number, until 75% of the tags have been awarded or until all first-choice applicants have received tags.
  • All remaining first-choice applicants are rearranged solely by 10-digit random number and the remaining 25% of tags are awarded randomly among all first-choice applicants for the hunt.
  • If there are tags left, the process restarts for second choice hunt applicants. (Preference points are not a factor for awarding 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choices.)

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