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Default Re: VHF Radio and antenna mount???

There are quite a few things that can affect a VHF and it's ability to squelch various "noise" from a source.

I try and keep things simple.

Where and how you deal with the VHF transmission cable (antenna coaxial cable) is a huge part of generating an opportunity of why a radio can get stuck on a channel when scanning. But basically, you are getting noise into the receiver that doesn't naturally get there. Trying to explain why is tough. There could be freq's being generated inside the area that are being introduced itself into the radio receiver via the antenna, or the radio itself. Most of the time you can figure it out by turning each other device off until the noise goes away. Then, once you find the source, the game starts.

But try manipulating the coil of VHF coax in larger loops. Try moving the coil of VHF coax to a different location. Try routing the coax a different way...or, try a choke filter. Most of the time if I increase the distance of the VHF and receiver, the problem goes away. This can be maddening.

The 3' of distance from the VHF to the Receiver is supposed to be about the sequel you can get when the two are too close together. I believe the term is regenerative feedback.

Hope this simplifies some of the questions.
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