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Count me in, I'm going to email the contact you provided as soon as possible. Thanks for the information, I'm excited to get involved, and yes I'm aware of the conservation issues, specifically water changes for our agrea. I'm truly anxious to find others with a similar addiction, who might drop a peril every now and then to improve my experiences, as well as get involve where I can to maintain this incredible sport. Again thanks

Originally Posted by Incredible_Bulk View Post
Hey Hook and Book, thanks for your interest.

There is a chapter located in Central Oregon, called the 'Deschutes Basin Chapter'. It is located in Bend, and their meetings are quarterly at the Environmental Center on Kansas Street.

For more information on the chapter, contact President Yancy Lind at [email protected].

With regards to what you can expect -- each chapter is a little bit different, but most follow a pretty standard format. The meetings offer an opportunity to get together with other steelhead and salmon fishermen. The meetings often have a guest speaker, giving a presentation of some kind on fishing techniques or conservation issues. Most meetings also include some raffle sales and gear giveaways.

Regarding the conservation issues, each region is a little bit different. Right now in Central Oregon, there are a few local issues being worked on currently -- one of which is water allocation along the Crooked River, as well as a couple of statewide campaigns, the State Forest campaign, and the Steelheaders involvement in the fight against the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay.

The meetings are a great way to get to know other fishermen in your area, as well as get involved in both your local and statewide fisheries and give a little back.

Thanks again for your interest, we'd sure love to have you onboard!

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