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Default Just moved to Oregon and trying to figure out zones

I just made the move to Oregon, north of Portland on the Columbia, from Seattle, rented a floating home on the Columbia river and am having a heck of a time figuring out if I can drop a line in the water off my deck, or not.

Location: South side of Tomahawk/Hayden island east of I-5, right off "Lotus Isle Park". I don't see any fishing boats on this side of the island so I assume it's closed (but it could also just be that it's a pain to get to with no wake, 30 min slow ride), there are a ton of boats out on the other side.

The zone map just shows me pictures of the state with no labels for point of reference, and I'm cross referencing with a map of portland but still I'm not sure what zone this area is. Is it just the Columbia zone?

Are there walleye in this section of river or are they upstream from the Bonneville dam?

I'm looking at the special rules and it seems I'm in the area "COLUMBIA RIVER, Warrior Rock to Bonneville Dam", and it says:

Effective April 11-12 and April 15 until further notice, permanent rules for Chinook salmon, steelhead, and shad apply
So I probably can fish for fin clipped chinook and walleye here? Does that sound right?
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