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Default Re: Thoughts on Tohatsu Kicker?

I've got a 2008 year 9.8 hp Nissan (made by Tohatsu) on my boat and I like it. Starts easily (electric start for an old guy), and has some neat features (motor doesn't lock down until you put it in reverse, so if you hit something with it going forward, it just jumps over it, setting throttle trolling speed is very easy, maintenance is easy, parts are readily available online, and some available from Mercury dealers), and they're priced very competitively. Second largest manufacturer of outboards in the world according to several sources. Downside might be finding a dealer who works on them, not many around, but in a pinch I'd try a Mercury dealer.

I also have a 2002 year 6 hp Nissan that I use on a 12 foot car topper and it's been very reliable as well, until this year when the spark plug lead broke loose from the spark coil (probably from riding around in the back of my truck for 100,000 miles). Easy fix, got a replacement OEM spark coil in 5 days on line. This motor will run for a good 5 minutes on the fuel in the carb bowl after you disconnect the fuel tank....amazing.
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