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Originally Posted by Coastalhounddog View Post

This Coastalhounddog will be here bright eyed and bushytailed early Saturday the 13th.
I sure wished the Nestucca Bay Clean-Up was scheduled for a different day than Saturday the 13th......Like the 14th.
It would have been nice to make a weekend out of this............
It might be useful to partner these two together since they are really so close in proximity.
Justa thought........................

What is projected for a turn-out for this event?
I know its Volunteer's only correct?

Hatchery and Wild Co-Exist .......... IMO
We do the Nestucca Bay Clean-Up every two years and if I'm still working for the Watershed Council then I will make sure to plan around the Whiskey Creek Fin Clipping event. I have had a number of folks tell me they would like to help out with the Clean-Up but have already committed to the Whiskey Creek event...I wish I could go to both myself

Fingers crossed for nice weather on the 13th!
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