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Hi everybody,
My wife and I are trying to raise money for her best friend, who really needs all of our help.
She was engaged to be married in September of this year. While using birthcontrol, she still became pregnant. She was told by this wonderful husband to be, "you either get rid of the baby or he would leave her and she could raise the baby on her own". She told my wife that it wasn't even a decision, and Talia Sky is to be born this coming september, almost to the day she was to be married. The father moved out of the area and wont even be put on the birth certificate.
We know this happens all to often and everytime it is so heart breaking. We cant do this for every child that comes into this world raised by a single parent, but we are at least trying to help Christina and soon coming in September, Talia Sky.

She has been working a graveyard shift 6 nights a week at minimum wage. She even managed to pay the rent, get a crib, carseat, and put $2,300.00 in the bank. She was left with an old car that just happened to break down 3 times in 6 weeks, leaving her with just $63.00 left in her bank account. My wife and I are asking for your help. We want to raise enough money to get her a GOOD used car that will be reliable, so she can get to work, save her money, and be able to take Talia Sky in a reliable, safe car. We are praying we can raise enough money to go to our local dealerships and hopefully get her a car that has low miles, is reliable, and safe for the new born Talia.

We have not told Christine of what we are doing yet. We also know that times are tough for everyone right now, and are going to hope and pray that people open up there hearts even if you can only give five dollars, it's a start. We would like to get enough in the account to get the car before we tell her.

Christine is a hard worker and responsible, God loving person. She is not mad or sad, just scared, mainly because she knows the car she is driving is not reliable, or safe. Ironically the $2,300 she had saved up before her fiance split, (doubleing her expenses) was to go to a newer car. With all the scary things in life, please help if you can to make baby talia's life a lot safer and Christine's a lot less stressfull. You can donate any amount using pay pal, or if you would like to send a check, please pm or email me and I will give you the address, pay pal email, and a phone number.


Mike and Lori

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