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Originally Posted by team anarchy View Post
I apologize. Just want to make sure all information is correct. There is alot of false info and just flat out misguessing about people fishing/launching/hunting on this site. Good info/great. Guessing/false info Bad! I do try to read all of a thread. Some of it I might have missed (like post #63). I will go back and read it. Thank you for straightening me out.

It's all good, my brother (assuming the "more fake news?" was not saying I the was source of past fake news you speak of ).

I can see how without prior knowledge of the conversation, it would look like I was trying to encourage harsher enforcement here. I was only trying to point out the insanity in the Philippines to put things in perspective, as far as people complaining about the sacrifices we are being asked to make.
To better times soon.


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