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Default Re: OSMB says guided trips likely not legal right now

Originally Posted by B. Coastal View Post
Simmer down now, I quoted what Soulakala had posted about Costa Rica in post 63.
I guess it was a mistake that I took out too much of the clutter, as I was trying to avoid Crabbait thinking I was addressing him about his situation there..

Sometimes I guess there is a mistaken assumption on my part that everybody has been reading the whole thread.

I apologize. Just want to make sure all information is correct. There is alot of false info and just flat out misguessing about people fishing/launching/hunting on this site. Good info/great. Guessing/false info Bad! I do try to read all of a thread. Some of it I might have missed (like post #63). I will go back and read it. Thank you for straightening me out.
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