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Default Re: OSMB says guided trips likely not legal right now

Originally Posted by B Dog View Post
If you pop someone’s tires they can’t get out of your town! ???

So if I have a house in Hammond, have WA plates on my truck, and OR plates on my boat. Is my boat ok but not my truck?

All kidding aside I have stayed home in WA. This sucks and you do what you need to do. I just hope once it’s all over the big city money still finds its way into these small town that depend on it.

That's exactly what someone said pop the tires and they are hanging around even longer.

A lot of good comments and judgement on this thread and some not so. Good grief if Washington residents started thrashing out of state vehicle tires Jacks Country store would have no one. Yesterday driving by the majority of vehicles were out of state, even saw a Utah plate on a Subaru. I read "Crabbaits" comment on what they were doing in his neck of the woods; if indiscriminately driving around they take away your plates for 2 weeks and if caught driving without plates bye bye car.

From what I see if things don't change soon we will have total lock down. Our daughter lives in the Seattle metro area and they think by not going to the store and buying all their meals as takeout reduces their risk. And they drop off stuff on these daily trips to friends and spend a few minutes catching up on BS. I told them might be a good time to use that stove at home more often.

The idea of getting out in boat basking in some vitamin D sunshine would be helpful right now but unless they can limit that to only locals it would only encourage those from Portland and Seattle metro areas to head on down for some fishing.
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