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Originally Posted by SturgeonKing50 View Post
If you have to sell your toys you probably shouldn't have them in the first place. They are a want,not a need. I have mine and they are paid for. I put a tremendous amount of time and thought in before I bought them. They were NOT NEW. I'm also glad that I'm retired. Sadly many people live beyond their means. And when something like this happens they get hit the worst. Being in the Lumber industry all my life I was in a couple of severe layoffs. Remember 1980? No one cared about the Logger's and Sawmill guys.If it isn't happening to you people don't give it much of a thought. But even then I found work to support my family as best I could. It wasn't pretty but we survived. The biggest thing about this is all the conjecture about what could happen and not what will happen. I hope this does not get that bad. There are a lot of businesses and people making a killing on this. And back to the OP'S point they will probably be some great deals around. It is what it is.

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