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Default Fish checking and moored boats

Another discussion on the board has me wondering: how do the DFWs monitor catches made by folks who moor their boats?

I've had the pleasure once or twice of hopping aboard a friend's boat moored somewhere for a day of fishing. A few times we've come back to the slip with fish and yet there's no Fish and Wildlife person there to account for our catch, check the snout for a tag, etc.

If a boat returns to a public boat ramp, most often there's a nice someone there to ask:
- what time did you get started?
- how many folks on the boat?
- whereabouts were you fishing?
- did you release any fish?
If you were lucky enough to land some keepers, scale samples are taken and snouts are removed if there's a tag present. Over the years I've received several postcards back informing me what hatchery produced my delicious fish and in what year.

What protocol do WDFW and ODFW use to account for fish taken by folks whose boats are moored?
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