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[QUOTE=puckfisher;16276941]Lake Shasta has 52-56 degree water. Air temps were 82 last Wed. And Thurs. spotted bass are everywhere and average 1-2 pounds with an occasional smallie or largemouth in mix. I was crappie hunting. Very tough until I found them. On ONE tree. We got 18 Wed. Pm. Smallest was 12, biggest was 16. Two slab gills. I fished ever kind of structure I could find. Why this tree? No idea but I know where it is(submerged). I am going back but knowing crappies, they’ll be gone. All spring spawning bushes are still out of water. Only kept three. Stuffed with eggs. Fat pigs, eating well. Everybody is a bass fisherman there. That’s ok by me. I want to target the big gills now. I have few tiny tungsten jigs that might turn them on.[/Q
Bass are still biting but weather has been poor. Despite some rain, water level remain low and favorite brush piles where crappie migrate and hangout in spring are still dry. If crappies spawn then water levels come up later, the hatch will be poor. The eggs “drown” I am told. Actually I think water temps are unfavorable. Brownlee has had several poor years of crappie fishing. I think one could trace back to the years of unstable water levels to explain the current situation. Spotted bass in Shasta have taken over lake. I was told they spawn in deeper water and that is reason. No one is complaining with decent size and good eating fish available all year long. I will again be hunting crappies and big gills. I have a couple new tricks.
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