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Default Re: Newport and the bay for Salmon?

Originally Posted by Geemo View Post
Going over to fish for salmon in the Newport area.
Most likely in the bay and up river. Ocean would depend on conditions, hmm is the ocean open right now?

Can anyone give me a report of how it's going?
Looking to see where we should focus the boat.
And what might be best to use.



I'll give a report on how we do and what we see while we're there on Sunday.
If you're going to fish YR for salmon on Sunday, consider entering the U DA Man salmon tournament. Info is on the very top of the SD board, up where folks don't usually look. There will be lots of boats on the bay and river on Sunday, lots. and some years there is a sailboat race on the bay while the salmon tourney is happening, at least that's what my poor old memory tells me.
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