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Default Atta Boy for Hardin Marine.

Been having fits with the raw water pump for my boat. Had purchased an after market SS pump from Hardin Marine out Florida way. So I got like 50 hours and the dang bearings went out because there is a flaw in the pump design(including the factory version). Well they fronted me the stuff after the first 50 hours to rebuild it myself at no cost.

Another 50 hours down the road and the bearings are going out again. Got to chatting with Scott Price via email and he advised there was an engineering flaw that required bearings that were too small for the pump. They have redesigned the pump to now contain larger bearings.

Well to shorten the story, Scott apparently had a pump pulled from the assembly line (they will not be for sale to the general public until sometime in November once they have stock) and shipped it to me today along with a discount for the new pump.

Hardin Marine has treated me right and I want everyone to know they are a good company to do business with.

I love it when I can say something good about a business.
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