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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Rick & Maxcat... With a cable hook there is no bend. On a very large bait you don't want a bend anyways. These will run pretty straight, with a little bit of wobble. So the dodger / flasher will cause it to whip back & forth a little more, which is perfect. With a very large crowbar, if a bait is behind a flasher / dodger, then no bend at all. If it's alone without a flasher, then a slight bend on the large baits, with more bend on the smaller baits.

Basically, when a bait is behind a flasher, the flasher is providing most of the action so you want a "straight" bait, vs without a flasher, when you have to give the bait a little roll or wobble.

Joe - my observation has been that with the tail in place (whether on a herring or an anchovy), and if you use a straight hook, the bait tends to spin on it's axis, which is very unnatural (and causes leader twist). So on a small anchovy, using a curved (bent) hook makes it roll instead. On these split tail herring, removing the tail takes out this spin, and causes just a slight wobble. Sort of like removing the rudder from a boat?

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