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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Originally Posted by trollin4trout View Post
Funny how there'e such a stink about the "Slower Traffic Keep Right" law- while the same people feel it's OK to blatantly, routinely break the "Speed LIMIT" law sign. And indeed brag about it.


"""One of the concerns for enforcing the law is aggressive drivers who get frustrated at the slower traffic in front of them and, as a result, dart from lane to lane to get by other cars.""

-is 180 degrees BACKWARDS! The police should be arresting the wreckless/angry aggressive drivers doing all the insanely dangerous lane switching.
Ticket impeders as well as agressive drivers but keep to the right, especialy if you are driving slower. WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS?


Originally Posted by rob allen View Post
ummm ones who are going over the posted speed limit are the ones causing the problems.. the ones going the speed limit are the ones doing the right thing and it is very very very wrong for people breaking the law to tell other people to break the law and then blame problems on them if they don't.. If a person is going the speed limit and everyone around him is speeding it is the majority who are speeding that are making things dangerous not the one obeying the law... That is the fundamental misunderstanding in this whole argument . there needs to be a huge crackdown on people going 10 mph over the posted limit on freeways.. OPS should be writing hundreds of tickets per day in Portland alone...

Move to the right, it's not up to you to decide how fast someone can safely drive.

Originally Posted by crabbait View Post
Man, you guys crack me up! Please, if you come to Central America, just drive your car to the best of your ability and try to stay out of the way!

We don't have "speed envy" here. No "left lane police". If you want to try to keep up with the buses going over the mountains, go right ahead. But if you decide to get in their way by sitting in the left lane expect to be forced off the road and not gently.

You have the best roads in the world and spend more to control people's speed (and everything else) than anywhere. Why do so many of you think that the speed limit is so sacrosanct that you need to impede anyone who doesn't believe as you do? Why the deeply seated need to "be right" and fore everyone else to "be right"? Just drive your car.
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