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Default Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity!!

To STEP Volunteers:

Leroy needs help delivery fish eggs to the classroom incubation tanks this Thursday - Feb 2 at 8 am. We will be meeting at Hillsboro's Home Depot Parking lot off TV HWY near Sunset Esplanade Shopping center.

No experience needed and this is great fun!!! In my view this activity ranks almost as high as catching a big fish. These kids get very excited about having our members deliver eggs. You do not have to talk in front of the class, though they love hearing fishing stories. So take time from your busy life and spend an hour or two doing something really rewarding. I guarantee you will have fun!!!

Leroy will pair up the teams to deliver the eggs to local schools.

These kids are the future of our sport -- we need to get them excited about fishing and Fish!!

Please email or call Leroy at 503-648-6871.

Tom VanderPlaat
TV Chapter STEP Board member
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