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Default Re: How do you become a government hunter?

I would get ahold of your local government trapper and ask. most of the time they will also have a hound or two that they can use for problem lions or bears. i wouldnt say they make bank, the one i know dont exactly make a great living at it. they pull just more then a full time minimum wage guy. last time i looked into it they were gettin around 24K a year, but the downside is now they cant keep any hides. when they could keep hides they were in much better shape. trappin 50 bobcats, 50 badger and 200 yotes a year aint a bad paycheck at all in the spring.trust me i would love to do it and would sign up for it if i could make a career out of it. then i know some government "hunters" that do it just to be able to keep dogs in shape in the dead months of the year
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