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I've wanted to join this organization for quite some time, but after I looked for a chapter in Central Oregon, I could not find any info. Is there a chapter in CO or what would be the next closest chapter. I suppose the link you provided has this info, but honestly I'm being lazy and hoping for an insiders view, with a readers digest summary of what I can expect with a membership. I've heard good things about this group, hence the reason I'd like to join and ask. Thanks in advance.

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Will Work For Fish
Joe Domenico -- President
Association of Northwest Steelheaders

Ifishers! It has never been a better time to be a Northwest Steelheader! After celebrating our 50th anniversary last year, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring the organization remains successful for the next 50 years by focusing our fish advocacy campaigns, increasing and diversifying our fundraising efforts, expanding our youth education programs, increasing our membership benefits, expanding our fun fishing events, and maximizing board, staff and volunteer participation.

Steelheaders are anglers who are dedicated to improving sport fishing opportunities! We love to fish and want to give back to and help support the resource that gives us so much enjoyment. In our 50-year history, the Association of Northwest Steelheaders have had many accomplishments which have significantly improved sport fishing; including banning high seas drift nets to end the practice of ocean strip mining off Pacific Coast shores, obtaining fish protection language in the Northwest Power Act, passage of stream-side riparian buffer zone rules, removing Steelhead from commercial fisheries, protecting the public right to access waterways, passing in-stream water rights law to provide minimum stream flows, and educating thousands of Oregon children annually -- on the beauty, wonder and importance of salmon and their habitats.

Volunteerism is one of the Steelheaders greatest strengths -- with members contributing tens of thousands of volunteer hours annually in education, habitat restoration, propagation and monitoring. We work closely with local, state and federal government. We recognize that government can and often does have other agendas, and that natural resources agencies do make mistakes; however, we know that working with government is a much more effective means of achieving positive results than always working against it. There are times we have no choice but to go to court against our government to protect fish, but we also work in close cooperation with natural resource agencies whenever possible.

Steelheaders current campaigns and projects include SAFE for Salmon legislation to move commercial gillnets off the mainstem Columbia River to Select Area Fisheries Enhancement areas; expanding the Fish Eggs to Fry program to schools throughout Oregon; advocating for a balanced, sustainable approach to Oregon state forest management and permanent conservation areas on state forests; protecting the budgets of state and federal natural resources agencies; creating an Oregon-wide stream nutrient enhancement program; protecting the incredible salmon runs of Bristol Bay, AK; improving public access to waterways; and protecting water flows in the Upper Deschutes River, among others.

We have created this thread on Ifish to keep the public informed of our efforts to improve sportfishing in Oregon and Washington, to invite you to our many fun and educational fishing events held throughout the year, and to encourage a constructive dialogue with our membership.

For more information on all things Steelheaders, check out our website at www.nwsteelheaders.org, our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/NorthwestSteelheaders, and check back often to this thread.

Now. Please... fish on!

Posted by Association of Northwest Steelheaders Secretary, Benjamin Light
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