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Default Re: 4 person life raft and EPIRB question

Google Marine Safety Services, Inc. in Seattle too. They made me a sweet deal when phone shopping for EPIRB and liferaft. Was cheaper to buy an 6 person A pack than B with the discount they gave. If I had tyo do it again, I would have bought an 8 person raft since the 6P canister ios the same size. Ditto to Westpac and PSI.

If you or any iFisher buys a large/heavy item like a raft from a WA vendor and prefer not to pay S/H, I'm headed to DB almost every wknd thru October. Give me a call and I can meet you along I-5 corridor to about Salem.

All I ask in return is you buy me a big cup of hot truck stop sludge so I can get to Depoe without a roadside nap.
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