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Originally Posted by tailchaser View Post
Our group of 3 drew Sled Springs Archery Elk and found out my buddy who drew Wenaha two years ago (21 pts) that I went on the hunt with him drew again this year in the 25% pool. He's living good getting to hunt that place 2 out of 3 years. So this year could be a lot of fun in NE for us. My only problem is fitting in a trip to MT for archery elk also.

Good thing MT archery season goes past mid. Oct! My teenage son and dad also have SS archery tags this year and I will be going to MT after the OR season is done. I actually prefer MT archery in Oct. Yeah, it's different and not for the guys that are all about calling bulls in, but it can be incredible that time of year if you have a lot of tricks in your bag.
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