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Default Re: Current harvest tag situation summarized

To play a devils advocate with lots of software engineering experience... ya'll need to chill We're only 2 days into the new year. V1 software almost always ships with feature limitations and glaring bugs, even when its companies like Google developing them.

At work, we typically dont migrate critical systems over to new versions of software until they've had some time in the wild to be battle tested by early adopters. Its not until a few point releases (v1.1, v1.2, etc) are released to fix those initial bugs and gaps that we even consider it--sometimes even longer. Fortunately, both Android and IOS provide an easy way for application publishers to push out incremental updates that address all the bug reports and feature requests they get. Releasing software is always an iterative process... I guess we'll see how well ODFW's contractors handle it moving forward and if they can get some of this initial critical issues fixed quickly.

All that said, I'll be following best-practices from my day job and going /w an analog paper license till you early adopters help squash all the bugs.
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