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Originally Posted by Larry3215 View Post
Ive read lots of reports on the web and seen TV episodes where wardens watch someone doing something and then catch them after they leave the dock/lake/etc and pull them over and they get busted.

I think "in the field" includes the drive home. I dont particularly want to spend time in court so Im going to play it safe.
Again, w/r/t WA regs the "in the field" or "in transit" are not separately defined in the pamphlet but are used in the definition of Possession Limit as follows: "The number of daily limits allowed to be kept in the field or in transit."

That was why I found the the wording as to retaining the backs while "in the field" rather interesting as it clearly left out "in transit." But I agree with you, keeping the backs until you reach an ordinary residence is probably a wise decision.
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