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Originally Posted by rangr View Post
I have to admit, I'm confused. What is so magical about coho that allows them to pry steel hooks from me? I have caught a lot of coho in my life and have never had a single hook disappear. If this has been an issue for you then maybe you should re-consider some of your equipment choices. I am very familiar with the coho "death roll" and have lost plenty of fish to it, but never, and I mean never, has a coho or any other fish somehow twisted or torqued a hook from me.

OOOhhh, easy there big fella...................

I should have put the word AND in my post.

AND if the hooks aren't tight you will lose the hooks.

There are multiple reasons to put a swivel between the hook and MANY lures. I meant to include several reasons but phrased it poorly, for that I'm sorry.

It is pretty common knowledge that a swivel is very helpful in keeping the death roll fish from tearing out the hook. It has ALSO happened to me that closing the previously brittle Matzo hooks haven't closed tight enough. This small gap, accompanied by the death roll, CAN lose a hook. It has happened several times to me, with coho and steelhead.

Like I said, I should have put an AND in that sentence because a swivel LIMITS the amount of torque a fish can put on the hook. MOST spinners include this swivel. I actually have lost VERY few coho, despite the death roll. Having a swivel has limited torque loss. They are not "magical" as you put it. Just squiggly .


Don't take it personally. I wasn't attacking you. Opinions were solicited and I simply gave mine too. You are obviously successful so I don't see me changing your mind. But IF you have "lost plenty" to death rolls, you might want to CONSIDER changing YOUR gear a bit. I don't lose many to death rolls, as the fish have no way to leverage the hook , due to a swivel. It sound like you have researched many details of your spinners. This might be a helpful tip. A good angler is always open to "new" ideas. I learn from everybody I fish with and ideas I've read here on Ifish.

Tight lines!!
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