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I hunted there for better than a week and came home to check on the fires here in the valley for a few days. The smoke was so bad here in the valley that I could hardly wait to get back there and have some good air to breath again. I got back over there about noon on monday and after unloading stuff I sat down for a cold one to relax after the drive and all. About that time a guy comes riding a 4 wheeler into camp and tells me there is a fire about a mile up the road so I drove up to check it out and sure enough they were expecting to evacuate nearby. I told a couple camps nearby about it and started packing back up Before I could get loaded up there was ash falling on me. I moved about 4 miles down the road for the night and when I got up in the morning the air was worse than in the valley Decided I would just come home and hopefully go catch some tuna where the air might be better.
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