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Originally Posted by geterdone View Post
The 20th will be perfect timing, ill be at the coast. Maybe a halicore trip will take place. [emoji16]

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Brings back memories of the first Tuna I ever caught fishing out of Newport at the time. I think it was about 2003 or 2004. Had my lil Duck at that time 21.5’ soft top.
We got all rigged up by the tackle store that probably most people remember located on the N side of the bay. They got us set up with some hand lines, and a few clones and told us how fast to troll etc.

That’s all I knew about Tuna fishing then. It was enough.

We followed the fleet out and got our Halibut fairly quickly, then continued West for a few more miles, wish I could remember who we followed out there. Anyway we ended up with about 5 Tuna, the most exciting fishing trip I had & have , ever been on .

Welcome to the dark side.

And thousands of $$$$ later, we’ll , the rest as they say is history. Good times.

I hope your right about the 20th. !!!

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