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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Originally Posted by BeaverBoy View Post
No actually you are incorrect Cast Away, I am the guy in the middle lane going the posted speed limit which if I remeber right it is the same posted speed for the left lane. Am I correct? Please inform if I am wrong and if I am wrong show me the documentation to support it.

If your in the middle lane then you are just fine.

Next time your on the freeway take a look around at the signs posted every so often that say slower traffic keep right. They dont say slower traffic, BUT NOT IF YOU ARE DOING THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT.

The reason is simple. A freeway is designed to keep moving with vehicles at different speeds. If slower vehicles keep right then passing is safer for everyone.

I totally understand that you were the kid on the palyground that was afraid to run to fast durring dodge ball.
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