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AMEN to all that has been said! Bigger is better.

I put a 42lb Autopilot on my Tracker & a couple cheap BiMart batteries and it was ok, but the batteries only lasted about 1/2day. and I found myself w/o cranking power for the outboard a couple times. :blush:

I upgraded to two 225 Trojan batteries and I got about 3/4 to full day. And I always have another Trojan left as backup. (I like to only take then down halfway so I still have a backup, should one short out.)

I then upgraded to a 55lb Autopilot (& added Copilot) and it's even better. Since I carry 2 batteries anyway (sometimes 3 when I plan on trolling for walleye), I'm thinking of going to a 65-74lb 24V..... If I can only find another good deal on one.

Lately when walleye'n, I've been using my 4hp kicker locked straight as a pusher and my Autopilot to hold the heading in the wind. Seems to be working out pretty well. On a hook-up I just push a remote kill button for the kicker and flip the bowmount around to land the fish. Eats up the juice, but beats steering all day!! Besides w/ the wireless Copilot, I can just kick back and enjoy fishing.
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