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you guys need to read more carefully. I did not say that coho cannot be caught on corkies. I said On the WASGOUGAL!! I have never seen a coho or a chinook for that matter caught legally with ONLY a corkie and that everyone I have seen fishing that river with only corkies were snagging!!
I will say this though.. everyone fishing corkies in the washougal at Oak park, hathaway, sany swimming hole, Cougar creek, The big eddy, and the steel bridge is snagging or not catching anything.. You can be as offended as you want but thats the truth..

Too late for this year but next september I will take ANYONE on a guided tour of the Washougal and I guarentee that we will see no one fishing corkies and cathing fish on them who is not snagging.

Anyway it's not worth arguing about if you have them (salmon) taking corkies more power to ya. I have just never seen it on the Washougal..

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