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Default Re: Anyone drive by Bonnie Lure - Eagle Cr today?

Foxer - You'll notice I stopped short of labeling this lady a snagger although I have never seen someone legally catch a fish by casting a heavy First Cast type of jig, letting it settle all the way to the bottom before slowly reeling it in and then jerking hard when she felt tension. If you say this is an effective technique I guess I believe you. Personally I'd be too concerned about losing all my best jigs to try something like this. :smile: Effective or not you have imagine that you'd get a high percentage of snagged fish with the exact method this person was using.

Skahorse - I think this is only if the water is considered navigable and I don't think Eagle Creek is which means the landowners can prohibit fishing there but you can fish the park side of the bridge. I've been told that these particular landowners allowed fishing there for years until just last year when they finally got fed up with all the trash and noise, the last straw being heated verbal confrontations with people who didn't appreciate the landowners generosity or maybe they just thought they had the right to fish there with or without permission. In any case a shame how it turned out.


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