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I hope this might help you. If you can get onto "Google Earth", you can find it easily by the GPS Coordinates which are:

N 44〫 38 27.93
W 117〫06 23.74

There are two parks to launch boats from.

Hewitt Park in Richland, Oregon. From Hewitt Park, which is in the upper end of the Powder River Arm on Brownlee Reservoir, it is 6 miles to the mouth of the Powder River arm where it meets with the main Snake River part of the Reservoir. From there it is another 8 miles to Swede's Landing, for a total of 14 miles.

Spring Recrreation site which is on Snake River road, is only a few miles downstream of Huntington, Oregon. Both Spring and Hewitt Park have concrete boat ramps and small docks that can be used when the reservoir is close to "Full Pool." From Spring to Swede's Landing it is about a 21 mile boat ride.

There is a third option which is at Morgan Creek. Depending on the reservoir level, a boat can easily be launched from Morgan Creek. From Morgan Creek to Swede's Landing is about 13 miles. Morgan Creek is about 8 miles downstream of Spring. The GPS coordinates for Morgan Creek are:

N 44〫 29 13.57
W 117〫13 22.02

Here are the levels that the boat ramps in the area can be used at:

Usable Boat Ramp Elevations:

(indicated elevations are 4 ft.
water depth above concrete ramp end)

Holcmb Park (right next to Hewitt Park)
2064 ft.

Spring Recreation
2055 ft.

Steck Park
2053 ft.

Farewell Bend**
2051 ft.

Hewitt Park
2041 ft.

Woodhead Park
2024 ft.

**Farewell Bend boat ramp may or may not be useable depending on river flow. For current information concerning the ramp at the park, please call the Farewell Bend State Recreation area at (541) 869-2365 or 800-551-6949.

And lastly, here is the link to the Idaho Power website that updates the conditions of the reservoir level daily:


I hope some of this will help you out. Good luck to you.

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