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"the fluorocarbonline is of a higher pound test than the braid"
Roger, why would you do that? One of the benefits of using a fluoro tip that's lighter than the mainline is that if you hangup, the leader should give first, saving the more expensive braid. I can see going with your rigging if you're having problems with the braid cutting thru the leader at the knot but with a uni/uni knot, I haven't had that problem.
Re: Stren Super Braid. I use the 30# for float'n'fly; the heavier test is easier to mend. 15/4 is perferred by many smallie addicts back East for "normal" applications and it's currently on sale at Cabela's.
IslandBass, If you're concerned about cost, try this for reducing your overall expense: Create two 75 yard segments from a 150 yard spool. Use cheap mono as backing on your reel so that when you've added the braid, the spooled is filled as you prefer. Use a flouro tippet-I like about 10 feet. After many knot tyings, break-offs, etc has reduced the leader length down to 2,3 feet, tie on a new one. Once your mainline is reduced to 60 yards or so and is becoming frayed, discolored, whatever, reverse it on your spool to expose the other end to the elements. I have some 8 year-old PowerPro on a backup reel that's still works fine.
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