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I currently have Spiderwire's Stealth spooled on my curado which is also a braided line. I chose it over stren superbraid (which I also plan to try too) because it came ith 25 yd of more line and it was cheaper too.

Seems very strong and has good abrasion resistance
Smaller diameter compared to mono

I had to be conscious of ensuring the line doesn't wrap around the rod's tip. It is no longer an issue but every once in awhile now it happens

The line can "dig" into itself making you casts come to a dead stop. Heard it can happen with Stren too. I've heard Reel Magic alleviates this so I'll be buying some too

The just is still out for me. I've only had it on for about a week and I haven't gone fishing with it yet, unless you want to include Cul de Sac casting, pitching and flipping :grin:.
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