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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

You guys crack me up....Did you not know but most of your cars and trucks speedos are off more than you think. Id be hard pressed to find one that's dead nuts on.
Federal law states that for car manufactures, cars or trucks speedos must be within +/- 5 or 7MPH (I don't remember).
My stock little 2wd pick-up truck with stock tires and stock gears; At 65mph speedo reads 5mph faster than what I'm really going. This was verified with GPS, on board computer, radar, and marking my mileage with the mileage markers posted along I5.
So, if I think I'm going to be a goodie goodie high way police like some of these Ifisher's and drive the posted speed limit in the fast/passing lane, then in fact I'll be the tool who is driving too slow and could then get a ticket for holding up traffic or cause some nut case to blow up and try and kill me.....
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