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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Originally Posted by Cast Away View Post
Let me guess.......your the guy who travels the posted speed limit in the far left lane and then wonders why everyody tells you that you are "number one" as they have to pass on the right.

Have you ever noticed the signs that say slower traffic keep right?

Oh.... to the OP, I know exactly what you are talking about. I have driven 50K-60K a year for 15 years and I see it frequently. I pass state patrol, sheriff, city police etc all the time and I have never been pulled over for doing it.
No actually you are incorrect Cast Away, I am the guy in the middle lane going the posted speed limit which if I remeber right it is the same posted speed for the left lane. Am I correct? Please inform if I am wrong and if I am wrong show me the documentation to support it.
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