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Default Re: Would like some hints on how to search (hunt) for Tuna

As said by others look for structure which creates upwellings.Birds,rips,temp breaks any kind of activity on the water may raise fish.If you do not find any of the above then try fishing a mile and then run a mile until fish are found.You can fast troll up to about 13 knots until fish are located.Corrirod had a clone out while I was running 14 knotts the other day and bingo he caught a fish .We stopped and ended up fishing the spot all day and filled the boat.Keep your ears open at the dock get a general are where fish have been caught.Keep a log book and write down where you find fish and what time of year.It has taken many of us years to come up with patterns.I wish I could of gone to the internet 20 years ago and just asked.Good luck
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