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Default Retired ODFW Biologist loses his battle to cancer

Retired fish biologist Bill Hosford has lost his battle with cancer. Bill retired 14 years ago from the ODFW at the Burns unit. Some of you might remember him when he had the area from buoy 10 to Bonneville Dam. He walked the beachs allot to talk & check the fishermen when he lived in Deer Island. Bill was a great fisherman and always seemed to put a fish in the box even on the slow days. I remember going over to cousin Bill's house and opening the fridge to see several spools of fishing line on the top shelve. He kept his fishing line there where it was cool and dark (tip of the day from Bill Hosford). Bill and I fished the Rogue allot in the past few years, and I will remember him for his sense of humor/great cousin/great fisherman. We would boat camp on the Rogue for three days at a time. It was cousin Bill that introduced me to the Rogue River. He's been fishing the Rogue since 1958. Some of you have met and know him I'm sure, I know I have a story or two. I going to miss you cuz, thanks for all the memories..........................Bobber Down
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