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Originally Posted by YaHoeeFishOn View Post
I don't think any Goats had 389 in 1968, last year 389 was 1966. That car would have a 400 in it. In 1978 I did a linkage adjustment on a emerald green 68 that had a 389 with Muncie 4sd in a car that was a 400 400 auto originally. The hump was cutout for shifter with a torch and there wasn't room to align gates on Hurst. It still had auto gear in rear and she was geared tall.

David Pheffer had a emerald green 68 with a 389 dual gate auto in it but it wasn't Stock. Is that this car ? Do you know heritage on car ?

Do you have tiger in back window sill ?
This was from Aloha and I got it from a guy in Mc vile, who was a body man and no tiger in the back window. The guy in Mc said the day he brought it home his wife hated it, I asked if he was still married!
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