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Originally Posted by Wingman Or. View Post
Seeing is believing. Would have loved to see pics of that soup.
The soup came out looking no different than birds without rice breast.

The thing is I really hate wasting anything I kill and each time I shoot a bird with rice breast I say "if I had known it had rice I would not have shot it". The breast is a savored meat I treat like backstrap and the wings, thighs, legs necks and backs get made into soup. So, I always considered the breast of a rice duck not applicable to safe consumption due to the rare nature of the breast meat I prepare.

But, as I was cleaning this rice mallard the thought dawned on me that I could crock pot the usual part that I crock pot; necks, wings, thighs, legs and backs and be just fine. So, I filleted the breast meat off the breast plate initially intending to dis guard it. However, upon browning the wing meat (which also had rice) I discovered that the fatty cysts dissolved and the protozoan was nowhere to be found. BINGO! There is a solution to the rice issue, cook the meat fully. So, I browned the rice breasts and the cysts dissolved with no sign of the parasite.

As I said previously, the soup looked and tasted identical to any soup without "rice" ducks included. For those water fowlers concerned with utilizing more of their harvested waterfowl (rice or not) this is the soup for you.

From now on I do not have to waste the 2-3 birds a year I shoot with "rice".

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