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Default Free Music Festivals in the Northwest

I thought some of you might be interested in some of the Free music festivals in the northwest this summer where you might be able to catch old Wayout laying down a few hot licks or maybe some cool chords.

First is Northwest Folklife in Seattle on Memorial Day weekend. I hear I've got an all-acoustic slot (no mikes or amplification) playing world music with the band "Crescent and Shamrock" on Saturday. This is the biggest free festival with a dozen stages running for 4 days, with maybe a thousand performers, with free workshops by top performers. Last year I attended workshops on blues guitar, slide guitar, and other technical stuff. This festival has everything from Japaneze Tyco drummers, to Zydeco, Cajun, bluegrass, old time, Scandinavian, Russian, African, etc., etc. I'll be doing Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian music in our world music set. At other times I'll be singing sea shanties and downing ales with my friends in the nautical and maritime community.

Sometime on the hottest day of July, always seems that way, I should have another slot or two at the Yakima Folk Festival playing with the same band. We always seem to have a belly dancer for those performances, so no-one even notices if we're in tune.

We'll end the summer playing in the band "First Steal a Chicken" [kind of a gypsy theme in that name] at the Tumbleweed Music Festival in Richland, WA and once again we'll have a belly dancer to steal the show. That festival was planned in my living room 13 years ago and this year will be the 12th annual. All musical genres are accepted, and we've had everything from opera to jug bands. Four or Five stages and 100 performers for a 2-day festival plus free worksops every day on all types of music and dance.

All these festivals have free admission, but are not free to put on. So if you go, be a sport and buy a button or a pin or a t-shirt or make a contribution or buy a ticket to one of the few paid performances to help defray the costs. Also if you decide to go to any of these festivals, send me a pm, and I'll tell you where and when you can find old Wayout on stage. Would love to have an ifisher stop by backstage and say howdy.
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