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Originally Posted by Fishin4life! View Post
I'm not a fly guy, but my Son-in-law is. He is stationed in Italy and has been flyfishing quite a bit and doing ok on Browns. I want to get him some gear/flies, what are some good flies for browns and must have gear? Thanks any help is much appreciated.

Son in law suggests there's a daughter in there somewhere and she's your ally. Maybe she can sneak into his fishing stuff and send you pictures of the flies he's using, also his rod and reel, and that would give you some ideas of where you could help him upgrade vs where he's already top of the line, what flies might help him, etc. Likewise, if he is getting his stuff there, she might help you find out where .. maybe you could contact them and find out more about what flies would be better than what he already has, or what sizes to get, or ... something of that sort. Just guessing though.
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