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Originally Posted by Fishin4life! View Post
I'm not a fly guy, but my Son-in-law is. He is stationed in Italy and has been flyfishing quite a bit and doing ok on Browns. I want to get him some gear/flies, what are some good flies for browns and must have gear? Thanks any help is much appreciated.
Brown trout will rise to small insects like mayflies, caddies and midges, during a hatch. They will also take nymphs and streamers. The standard trout fishing rod is a 9ft 5wt with a reel that balances with it and a weight forward 5wt. Floating line. If you have a fly shop in your area they can give you ideas on flies and other equipment. Or, you can look for a fly shop online and order from them. Other equipment might include nippers, pliers, fly boxes, leaders, tippet material, a vest or gear pack, books, on and on.
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