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Default Fishing Rod Rack DIY --- With Pictures and Steps

Well, I had some free time yesterday and decided I needed something new to get a few of my rods out of the way, so I built myself a rod rack. I got the idea from another person that posted a similar build online last year. Thought it might be fun to take some pics along the way in case anyone wanted to do this themselves. It's pretty easy and a lot cheaper than buying one (cost about $20 for all materials needed, including wood) and it came out looking good and very functional.

(4) 1x6x42 boards
(1) 1x8x42 board
(2) 1x2x12 boards
Hole saw, Skil saw, sandpaper, screws, stain, measuring tape

Step One:
Cut all boards to length

Step Two:
Drill (7) 2" holes in one of the 1x6x42" boards spaced evenly every 6" apart. Then drill (7) 1" holes in the other 1x6x42" board just like the first one, making sure all the holes line up. Rip each of these boards down the center line, making sure there are equal half holes on each side (This will allow you to make another rack with the leftover pieces, if you desire to!). Sand all your boards and edges smooth at this time.

Step Three:
Measure and mark the correct placement of the 1x8x42" board for the bottom support at an angle of your choosing, just make sure it is steep enough to wedge the rod into when you're done. Position the boards with the holes in them with the 1" hole board at the top of the rack and the 2" hole board at the bottom, about 2" above the top of the 1x8x42". Measure again, drill holes for the screws and then screw it all in place. It helps to use a level and square edge to make sure it's all straight. Make sure to add the foot supports at the bottom, those are the 1x2x12" pieces. Sand everything one more time.

Finishing Up:
This rack easily holds seven fishing rods and reels. You can stain it if you'd like, I chose to put a couple coats of polyurethane on instead. Very functional and only took a few hours to do.
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