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Originally Posted by wildwood View Post
Here's some information on Rice Breast:

I have read in several publications and various websites that it is safe to eat ducks or geese with Rice Breast, but since Rice Breast is caused by a parasite I personally will not eat these ducks or geese.

I have discussed this with 3 different doctors, my own and two doctors that I hunt with from time to time that have advised against eating it as well. If you do decide to eat these ducks make sure that you cook them to a minimum of 160 degrees. Also do not feed these to your pets (dogs, cats, etc) as this parasite CAN affect them.

By the letter of the law I am sure that I could be cited for waste if I were to just throw them away, but according to an interview with Mark Vargas with ODFW, if you turn the duck or goose over to an ODFW employee it is not waste and the hunter faces no legal repercussions as a result.
I crock pot the meat for 10-12 hours, that means the meat is above 160 F for 8-10 hours and reaches temperatures approaching boiling. That is the primary reason I have no issue with putting birds with obvious signs of mild "rice" breast in the soup.

In no way am I making judgement on those who choose not to eat rice ducks, I am simply passing on a method for cooking them with no possibility of consuming a live parasite.
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