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Originally Posted by NorthRiverRick View Post
You all got me thinking that I needed to waste a bunch of expensive flourocarbon and break some knots.Take a look at this page, I found this after the discussion started. (Ignore the bar graph at the top of the page and scroll down to the data section). https://www.knotsforfishing.com/knot-strength-chart/. I found the column listing fluorocarbon knot strengths on this chart to be accurate, and each knot has a link to tying directions.

Since I just bought two new spools of 30# & 50# Seaguar Blue leader I’d try my own tests, I’m a nerd like that...I tied 30# flouro to two swivels each with a different knot. Hooked one swivel to my berkley digital scale which I keep hooked to my bench for line and knot testing.

Before you even ask, yes every knot had gobs of spit, and yes I made sure they were all tied correctly per the videos suggested and others found online and on the web page above.

The strongest knot for me was indeed the Berkley Braid Knot, but the finished knot was so big and it was so hard to tighten that I’d never consider using it.

The next strongest knot was the eye crosser from Knot Wars and was very close to the triple loop knot (third best). Each are not too hard to tie and tightening is pretty easy.

The Jansik Special was right behind those two and probably the easiest to tie and tighten.

The San Diego Jam knot broke before all of the above and was the biggest surprise to me because this is one that I use.

The worst knot I tested from all of these with the line I used was the Palomar it consistently broke much easier than all of the above.

Try some of these knot to knot tests yourself and see which ones you like best.

I like the triple loop knot because it’s so similar to my favorite mono/flouro knot for steelhead, the Trilene knot. I’ll probably also give the Jansik Special a try on the boat because it’s so easy.

YMMV, Cheers

PS. Wish I were fishing not play in the garage..
It would be interesting if the lines included in the test you posted were tested with a strain gauge, no knots. Obviously, most of the mono sold is actually stronger than their nominal rating. 50# Big Game is quite a bit stronger than 50#. Hence IGFA lines. I'm a bit surprised at the Palomar, as my prior reading always stated it was a 100% knot. I'll continue to use it for several reasons: 1) It's very easy to tie. 2) I use heavy enough line that it's not an issue, 25# main line for salmon, 60# on my troll rods. 3) I don't use FC.

Actually, here's exactly what I mentioned above:


The results would argue that the knot strength numbers in the previous link should be recalculated using the actual instead of the stated tensile strength.
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